Haitham Fakhouri

November 10, 2018

Central Air- Do I Need It?

Central Air Experts Serving Livingston, Western Wayne, Oakland & Northern Washtenaw Counties Central air is essential during the sweltering Michigan summers. With temperatures at an all-time high it’s imperative that you protect yourself from the scorching weather outside. While fans and window air conditioners can be a source of cooling […]
July 20, 2018

Connected Home Devices, How Can They Make Life Easier?

Connect Home Devices in Michigan Connected home devices, sometimes called smart home devices, are a way to keep the control of everything at the tip of your fingers. Many manufacturers now make smart home devices and they are readily available as well as decently priced. Connected thermostats for instance make […]
July 12, 2018

Furnace Repair – What Is It?

Furnace Repair Experts in Michigan Furnace Repair is a service that can consist of many different things. Since furnace can break down for a multitude of reasons, there are many different components to what repairs it may need. It could need replacement parts or to be cleaned, or it might […]
June 20, 2018

HVAC Supply, The Benefits

HVAC supply encompasses many things including heating and cooling units, air quality units, thermostats, smart home systems and more. Air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats and more are among the many supplies that we have to offer our commercial and residential clients. Our skilled and trained professionals can install, repair and maintain […]