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Annual Maintenance Benefits

Annual Maintenance

Perks of a Service Agreement

When you're a member, you have the assurance of knowing that your heating & cooling equipment is safe and operational. If it isn't, we are there when you need us with 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week! Plus you are never charged any overtime for emergency service!

You'll be serviced first, ahead of customers without an agreeement, in the unlikely event that you do have a breakdown.

For being a member, you'll receive 15% off all parts and labor for repairs.

We will contact you by mail or postcard letting you know when it's time to schedule your next cleaning. We'll also keep a record of your regular maintenance if you need it!

Maintenance is included at no additional charge when done during our normal business hours, saving you money!

When your system is being properly maintained, your equipment lasts longer, saving you money!

In the case that you sell your home, you will have proof that your home's heating and cooling equipment has been properly maintained and is in good condition.
What a "Planned Maintenance Program" includes and how you benefit. Tune-Up Includes:
Check evaporator coil Lubricate fan motor Set manifold pressure
Monitor expansion valve Check start and run capacitors Test fan limit switch
Clean evaporator drain Check start and run delays Clean blower wheel
Adjust bypass dampers Monitor refrigerant level Inspect valves
Clean or replace filters Adjust operating pressures Check flue
Tighten electrical connections Measure voltage differences Check flame baffle
Evaluate safety controls Measure amperage draw Clean combustion chamber
Measure temperature difference Clean and adjust burners Clean heat exchanger
Clean condenser coil Evaluate vent system Test thermocouple
Adjust thermostat calibration Set burner adjustment Check combustion air
Check fan blades for tightness Measure gas input

Solving Special Problems

Kool Kap
Ceiling Saver Kit
Condensate Pump
Hard Start Kit
Protective Remote Monitoring Devices
Surge Suppressors & Lightning Arrestors
Protecting Your Compressor

Guarantees and Promises

Performance Guarantee

TOMTEK HVAC, Inc. guarantees that when the equipment we have installed is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, the system will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. We have promised a maintained temperature variance of no more than 5 degrees from your temperature selection to the actual temperature at your thermostat when you are heating or cooling your home. If the installation temperatures are not achieved, we will make any necessary modifications, repairs or replacements at no charge to you for a period of 5 years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

TOMTEK HVAC, Inc.'s installation technicians are the best in skill, attitude and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They will not wear shoes on your carpets. They will clean up when they are finished and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction. They will not smoke or swear in your home and they are drug-free. If, when they have finished in your home, they have not performed in accordance with these high standards, you don’t pay until you are satisfied with the results.